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How To Paint Clean Lines And Edges

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Painting is a great DIY remodel project because it doesn’t require any expensive tools or training. That being said, your paint job is not going to look very good if you don’t learn how to properly paint the edges. This is the most technical and time-consuming part of the job, so you want to figure it out and practice before you start. This article explains how to get straight and clean paint lines. Read More»

Remove Old, Faded Wallpaper From Office Walls And Apply Light-Colored, Washable Paint To Replace It

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Remove old, faded wallpaper from the walls in your office and add a couple coats of light-colored, washable paint to replace the paper by completing the following instructions. The fresh paint will help brighten your office surroundings and can easily be maintained with basic cleaning steps. Materials drop cloths scoring tool concentrated paper remover spray bottle warm water putty knife sponge with abrasive surface all-purpose cleaning agent lint-free cloths painter’s tape scissors interior primer mixing stick paint tray paint roller, frame, and handle narrow paintbrush interior paint (washable) Remove The Paper And Adhesive, Clean The Walls Read More»