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Painting Your Exterior Walls With Rollers Might Be A Better Bet

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Painting outside of your home is one of the most cost-effective and easy-to-accomplish remodels. If you have if you helpers and some basic painting equipment, paint your exterior walls quite easily. Most professionals will paint exterior services with pneumatic spray. However, this article will explain how it might be easier for you to paint just rollers.

Painting With Rollers Instead of Spray Guns

Painting with rollers and paintbrushes is really only effective if you have several people working on the job at once. For instance, if you have 3 to 5 workers, you can make significant progress when it comes to paint coverage. If a single professional is painting your wall with a spray gun, they still won't be able to work as fast as several people with rollers. You can, of course, rent a spray gun and do it yourself, but if you have never used one, it might be better to just hire some helpers or friends to help roll your walls.

Less Prep Work

One great perk of using rollers instead of the spray gun is the fact you can get away with much less preparation work. In fact, preparing the walls and masking them off can often be just as time-consuming as actually applying the paint. When you use rollers, overspray is not as big of an issue. When you use the spray gun, you need to cover off the entire area for local walls your painting. In fact, you need to cover several yards away from wall. Also, you can't use the spray gun on a windy day because overspray can travel a long way and even get on to your neighbors walls.

Using Painter's Poles and Scaffolding

You can further speed up your paint job by renting or investing in painters poles for your rollers. He's allow you to cover a larger area without having to move around. Also, it might be worth using a small scaffolding system that allows you to do the cutting in around the eaves and roofline with a paint brush.

Paint rollers and brushes are simple and easy to operate. Because of this, you should have no trouble finding suitable helpers, whether they are paid or volunteer, to help on your project. With a little bit of direction and oversight, you can guide them and ensure that your paint job looks as professional as if your were to use a spray gun. For more tips, contact a company like Stetson Painting LLC.