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Painting Questions To Ask Any Contractor

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Painting one or all rooms in a house is a big job. You may realize that early on in the planning stages and want to ask a professional to handle this task for you. Questions should be asked, however, to ensure the painting job is done well, safely and in a way that makes sense for your wallet. Try these inquiries as you seek an appropriate painting company.

1. Who Will Paint?

A paint job will of course be done more quickly when there are multiple people doing the work. However, it might make your family uncomfortable to have so many strangers in the house. For that reason, you must ask about the workers a contractor will bring with them to paint. Have they been checked out for any criminal behavior? How long have they been working with the contractor? Find out whatever information you're able to get.

2. When Can They Paint?

Typically, many residential paint jobs are done during daylight hours during the week. However, depending on the schedule you and your family have, it may work better for your if the painters only dropped over on weekends. There may be some additional fees for unusual hours, but ask so that you can make the painting project go more easily for everyone involved.

3. What Paint Quality is Used?

Paint can be acquired at many price points, and your personal budget may dictate that you need to remain within certain price ranges. However, understand that expensive paint can sometimes mean it lasts longer and has other benefits. Rather than allowing the painter to choose paint quality on their own, be an active partner and know what they'll use.

4. What Finishes are They Planning?

Paint finish will affect every room's appearance. This is another topic that deserves discussion, because a high glass finish in your master bedroom may not be something you'd choose for yourself. Talk through various finishes for each room until you're satisfied with the outcome.

5. Do They Have Employee Insurance?

Most residential painters carry insurance on their business. However, ask about whether employees will be covered if they fall or otherwise become injured inside your house. You'll have an idea of your own liability.

Residential painting services provide a beautiful, professional transformation to your home. These questions allow them to do that while providing assurances to you that the painting job will go smoothly