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Get Ready For Wallpaper Removal

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Removing wallpaper isn't the most difficult task; it just takes time. You can have contractors, like those at, take care of the job for you, which is a good idea if you don't think you have the patience to do it yourself. Contractors will also take care of a lot of preparation, but if you prefer to keep track of where everything is, or you just don't like other people touching your stuff, you can do some of that preparation, too.

Electrical Outlet Plates

Go around the room just before the contractors are due to arrive and remove outlet plates, light switch plates, and anything else that is resting on top of the wallpaper, even if it's by only a few millimeters. In order to remove all of the wallpaper, the contractors will have to remove the plates anyway -- they can't really pull the wallpaper out from under the plates, and the tension, if the wallpaper didn't rip in half, could crack a plate.

Curtains and Rods

Remove curtains and rods if they extend over the wallpaper. Blinds that are set inside a windowsill area (as opposed to sitting on the wall above the window) can be left alone. Again, this is so the contractors have a clear view of all the wallpaper, and so you don't get wallpaper stripper chemicals on your curtains. If the hooks for the curtain rod were installed after the wallpaper was added, temporarily remove the hooks. Don't forget your pictures and posters, either.

Furniture (of Course)

Yes, you have to move all your furniture away from the walls, if not out of the room. If there are really heavy pieces of furniture, you might want to let the contractors move those. For items you leave in the room, cover them with a tarp to protect them from any errant spray residue. When the wallpaper removal is finished, you can have the contractors help you put things back.

Window Alarms

If you have a home alarm that works by detecting movement at the doors and windows, be sure the alarm is off when the contractors arrive and that it stays off while they work. They'll have to open the windows to ventilate the room, and you don't want to accidentally set off the alarm.

Removing wallpaper won't be that messy, though the contractors should clean up after and vacuum up debris. Getting your house ready for the removal, though, will protect your belongings and prevent potential problems.