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Top Reasons To Always Prepare Surfaces Before Residential Exterior Painting

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Residential exterior painting will greatly increase your home's curb appeal. Additionally, a coat of paint protects your home's exterior against the elements. Preparation is a crucial step in ensuring you enjoy these benefits of home exterior painting. From repairs to surface scraping, washing, sanding, and priming, every step in the preparation stage is critical for the following reasons.

1. Better Paint Appearance

Residential exterior painting products will look their best when the surface is well prepared. For example, if you don't scrape out and remove the old peeling paint, any fresh coat of paint you apply will not appear as smooth or seamless. 

2. Longer Paint Life

Neglecting surface preparation will shorten the lifespan of your coat of paint. If the surface isn't clean and smooth, the new coat of paint will not adhere as well. As such, it will be a short time before you start to see premature flaking and chipping. Given that residential exterior painting can be quite expensive, you want a paint job that lasts for years, minimizing the number of times you have to dig into your pocket for the painting.

3. Save Time and Money During Painting

Without proper surface preparation, you can expect to use more coats of paint to cover the blemishes. On the other hand, if your surfaces are adequately prepared and primed for residential exterior painting, you will not have to worry about extra coats of paint and can save money on material costs.

Similarly, surface preparation saves time during project execution. The painters will have a smooth and clean surface to work with, and applying each coat of paint will be much easier and take less time.

4. Repair or Replacement of Damaged Components

Proper preparation for home exterior painting provides the perfect opportunity to uncover and resolve issues that may otherwise have gone unnoticed, with long-term consequences. Before painting, the professionals will inspect for any problems, such as rotten wooden boards that require repair or replacement.

These problems can adversely impact the structural integrity of your home, as well as the aesthetics. Additionally, catching them early is always best as the problems may only get worse over time, in which case repairs may be more expensive. It may get so bad that repair is no longer an option, and you'll have to replace the affected components.

Overall, there is every reason to ensure every surface is well-prepared before undertaking your residential exterior painting project. Reputable and professional painters recognize the importance of proper preparation, as highlighted, and will not fail to complete the crucial step. For more information on exterior painting, contact a company near you.