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3 Important Keys to Painting Your Commercial Building

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When it comes to painting a commercial building, you need to approach it from the perspective of investment. Painting your commercial building will help protect it from damage and increase its curb appeal. It is a smart way to invest in your business.

Important Key #1: Add Additional Services

First, if you want to enjoy an excellent paint job, you need to be willing to pay for more than a paint job. After all, this is an investment in the exterior of your building. You are going to want to start by having them pressure wash the outside of your building. The new paint will stick better to a clean surface. Depending on your building's state, you will need to invest in some sanding and stripping as well. You may also want to do caulking around the windows and doors.

Most painting companies provide these types of additional services. They may even assist with some necessary restoration work. You want the outside of your building to be in prime condition before applying new layers of paint. 

Important Key #2: Get the Color Right

When painting the outside of a building, the color really matters. You don't want to pick any color. You want to choose a color that will help attract customers. You also want to pick a color that works well with the natural landscaping of where your business is located.

It is smart for a commercial building to invest in a color consultation, where a color professional will help you pick the right color. They will take into consideration paint development, color psychology, marketing, and real estate trends to help you choose the right color combination for your business. 

A high-quality paint job is designed to sustain its integrity level for a long time, which is why it is worth investing in getting the color right. 

Important Key #3: Plan the Scope of the Project

Finally, you need to consider how big of a project you want to take on. You need to consider when you want to paint your building, which may be based on how the building is used as well as the weather. 

You should consider how quickly you need the project completed to impact the contractor you hire for the job. You also need to consider how many buildings you want to paint; if you own more than one commercial building, you could get a better deal if you paint them all at once.

When it comes to painting a commercial building, you don't just want to paint it. You want to take the time to prepare the outside of the building properly. You are investing, so take your time and plan out your project effectively. 

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