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Painting With Dark Colors: What You Should Know

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Dark paint colors can be beautiful when used properly. If they aren't painted properly, or if they aren't used properly in your home, you could be painting your home to feel more like a dungeon than a trendsetting home. To paint with dark colors, there are a few things you should take into consideration and remember to keep your home from looking like a cave. Read on for a few things that you should know.

Stick With Large Rooms

Don't paint a small room a dark color. Darker colors can make a room appear smaller. If you paint a small room a dark color, it can make the walls feel like they're closing in. There just isn't enough light to fill the space to keep the room from giving you this closed-in feeling. Only paint larger rooms with darker colors. Larger rooms have enough space that when you paint them with a dark color, they feel cozy and warm.

Paint Just One Wall

If you are set on painting with a dark color, but you only have small rooms, you can try to paint just one wall instead of all four. Painting one wall as in an accent wall, it may make the room feel less closed in. Paint the other walls with a lighter, neutral color. You can also paint only half of the wall, such as the upper half of the wall, then add a chair rail and paint the lower half a lighter color. You can do this the opposite as well, with a darker portion on the bottom and a lighter one on the top.

Try Out Colors

Trying out the colors before you paint the entire wall can prevent you from wasting your money and time. If you don't like the color or aren't sure about going with a dark color, you can try out the colors using smaller color samples on your wall. Test the paint on the wall you planned on painting, then take a look in all lights to see if it's what you like. You may have picked out a black color to paint your wall, only to find that it's more gray than black. You may have picked out a dark green color, only to find that it looks more like grass than the forest green you were hoping for.

Painting with dark colors can be tricky to do. If you are looking to accent your home with dark colors, hire a professional painter to help you with this. Contact a company like Premier Painting and Coating to learn more.