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Interior Paint Colors to Consider for Your Feed and Supply Store

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Owning a feed and supply store is a great service to your community. You provide the things your customers need to care for their pets, livestock, landscapes, and more. As such, you want your building to present itself as both efficient and welcoming. The paint colors you choose for your interior can make your feed and supply store stand out in the right ways.

Here are paint colors to consider for the interior of your feed and supply store. Your commercial interior painting services specialist will help you choose the best finish and shade of paint for your needs. You can paint all your walls, or do just a few accent walls to give the space greater appeal inside.

Light Tan

A lighter tan shade is not as dark or imposing as a darker shade of brown is, but is more neutral than a classic white is as well. Selecting a lighter tan color for your feed and supply store's interior walls is a great way to make the space appear bright and large without being too intimidating. This is a great color to select if you want your entire interior building to be all the same shade and are previously using a lighter color, such as eggshell white or other lighter neutral.

Light Gray

Another great interior wall color for larger spaces is a light or industrial gray. This color is pleasing to the eye and reflects light nicely without being too dull in its appearance. Use this color in the more streamlined areas of your store, like where you stock large amounts of feed or tackle. You can use other colors in the remainder of your building's interior to draw customers' eyes to other locations. Commercial interior painting professionals will help you choose the right walls for your painting project.

Soft yellow

A soft or pastel yellow is a wise color to choose if you want to add some vibrancy to your feed and supply store to make the space more inviting while still keeping a professional and commercial appeal. Make sure the yellow you choose is more brown than green based to keep the neutral appeal of this color strong. An orange-based yellow, like mustard or goldenrod, is also appropriate as an accent color to a softer yellow.

Your commercial interior painting services specialist will prep and paint your interior walls for you. Have painting done in sections so you can keep your feed and supply store open while painting is ongoing.

For more information on choosing the right color for your commercial interior painting, talk to a commercial painter in your area.