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How To Work With White In Your Commercial Business

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You own your own business, but your primary color for your company is white. You have white on the walls, ceilings, even the exterior of the building. While this is a common base color to work with, especially in the commercial field, it's not the most innovative shade in many cases and unless you operate a medical facility, it can be seen as lackluster and uninspiring. However, when you work appropriately with white as a main color, you can do well to give your property the allure it deserves. Here are ways you can get the most out of your business even if white is the primary color. Always work with a professional commercial painter to accomplish these tasks.

Choose accent walls both inside and out

Accent walls are beautiful for both the inside and the outside of your building. You've likely used accent walls inside your home, so you can apply this same concept to the walls of your business as well. When you choose great accent walls for your company, you do your part to keep your business personality strong — every color used represents a part of your company's personality or message — and you also keep your company image strong.

An accent wall on the outside of your building is usually the main wall or the one that faces the street or has the most curb appeal. This wall can be painted a different color than the ones you use inside your building or can be painted the same color.

Choose colors that are neutral in design

If you love the white look of your commercial business and don't want to stray from that image, then stick to white as the main color for your structure but also blend in some lighter neutral colors that will add a hint of definition and depth to square walls. Light yellow, off-white or eggshell white, light brown, mint or light green, or other neutral and earthy tones make a huge difference in the way your building is represented and can help you get the most out of the overall appeal of your building's design.

Your commercial painter will use the design of your building, your company's brand or image, and other things to help determine just how to promote your company overall. When you do your part to keep your building's colors fresh and inviting, you do your part to also keep your company going strong. 

For more information, reach out to a local commercial painting service.