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3 Reasons To Consider Exterior Painting Before Listing Your Home

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Making the decision to sell your home can be difficult. Once you decide that you are going to get rid of your property and purchase a new one, there are many things that need to be done before the house will be ready to list on the open market.

Exterior painting is one of the tasks that homeowners can overlook when preparing a home for sale. A fresh coat of paint to your home's exterior surfaces is an affordable way to boost the value of the property in the eyes or potential buyers.

1. Create Curb Appeal

Buyers will get their first real look at your home as they are pulling up to the property. The exterior that greets these buyers can play a big role in determining whether or not they put in an offer on your home.

Curb appeal sets the tone for the rest of your property. A fresh coat of paint will help you present your home in the most attractive light possible, allowing the property to make a positive impression on potential buyers.

2. Show Care and Concern

Another reason you may want to consider investing in exterior painting before you list your home for sale is the care and concern a fresh coat of paint can show to potential buyers. When a buyer sees that you have taken the time to care for your home's exterior, they will be convinced that you have shown the same care and concern for the interior of the home as well.

Few people want to purchase a property that will have hidden problems or need extensive cosmetic work. Doing the exterior painting before the home sells will eliminate one thing from a potential buyer's to-do list. This could be the catalyst that makes a buyer decide to put an offer in on your home.

3. Appeal to a Broad Audience

Having a home that stands apart from your neighbors may be your goal, but potential buyers may be turned off by unusual paint colors on the exterior of your home. Your real estate agent will likely tell you that it's unlikely someone will want to buy a unicorn.

If you need a quick sale, take the time to paint the exterior of your home so that it blends in well with the surrounding neighborhood. The property will then appeal to a broader audience, ensuring that you are able to secure an offer as quickly as possible.