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Make Cleaning Easier With Several Interior Painting Projects

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As a homeowner, you may be committed to keeping your home clean, but some of the features in certain areas around your house may turn this into a challenging process. If you want to make cleaning easier to handle, especially in the areas that are most susceptible to getting dirty, you should hire a painting company to work on several interior projects throughout the house.

Kid's Bedroom

If you have a young kid, you most likely know that they are prone to getting things dirty. For instance, the walls in your child's bedroom may be rather dirty and hard to clean. Switching from flat paint to a glossy finish is a step in the right direction. Choosing a dark color will also help because dirt and grime will not show up as easily, which means you can clean less frequently.

When your kid wants their bedroom to be painted in a light color, you may want to compromise by painting the bottom half in a dark color and the top half in their preferred color. Since the bottom half is where most of the dirt buildup will occur, cleaning the walls should still be easy.


The entryway is where everyone who enters and exits the home will pass through. This means that you should expect the entire area to pick up a lot of dirt and grime over time. One of the most important features to paint is the entry door. With a large family and frequent visitors, you will find that a lot of fingerprints get on the door from opening, closing, and locking.

Instead of a white door that you find in many homes, you should consider going for a darker color such as a deep red, hunter green, or navy blue that will keep fingerprints from showing up. You can also go with high-gloss paint because it will be the easiest to keep clean over time.


Another area that will likely receive a lot of wear and tear is the hallway. If you do not want to go with a standout color for the hallway, but you still want to minimize cleaning difficulty, you should not hesitate to pick a shade of brown or gray that will conceal most minor dirt marks.

Being open to various paint colors, finishes, and schemes while also hiring an interior painting company will help you accomplish your goal of making your home easier to clean.