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Purchased A Pre-Existing Home? 4 Specific Things You Do Before You Move In

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If you've recently purchased an existing home, and you're waiting to pick up the keys, now's the time to start planning for the big day. If you've got plans to start moving your belongings in as soon as you have the keys in your hand, you might want to change those plans a bit. There are some things you should do before you move into your new home. Taking care of these projects prior to move-in day will help make the transition into your new home go that much smoother. Here are four specific things you should do before you start moving into your new home.

1. Paint the Interior

If you're planning on painting the interior of your home once you move in, it's actually a good idea to schedule the painters before you move in. After all, it's going to be much easier, and less messy, to paint the interior of your home before you have all your furniture moved into the place. Your painters will appreciate the space they'll have to move around in when you hire them to paint your home while it's still empty.

2. Change the Locks

If you've purchased a pre-existing home, you'll need to change the locks. You have no way of knowing how long those locks have been in use. They could be worn out, which means they won't be providing you with the security you need for your new home. Before you move into your home, contact a locksmith and have them come out to replace all the locks on your doors. While you're at it, talk to your locksmith about a new home security system, as well.

3. Clean the Ducts

If you, or a member of your family, suffer from allergies, it's important that you have the ducts cleaned in your new home before you move in. This is especially important if you suffer from pet allergies. You never know what type of allergens are lurking in the ducts. Having the ducts cleaned before you move in will help rid your home of allergens that could make you sick.

4. Spray for Pests

If the home you've purchased has been vacant for a while, you'll need have it sprayed for pests before you move in. A wide variety of pests could have moved in while the home was vacant, which means you could be dealing with spiders, ants, and even rodents. Make sure your home is free and clear of pests by having it treated before you move in.

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