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Four Awesome Color Choices For Your Office

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If your office is in need of a makeover, one of the first things you'll need to decide is what color to have it painted. Obviously, colors like bright orange and magenta are off the table. But, there are so many subtle shades out there that it can be hard to settle on just one. The truth is, the right color for your office depends on how you use the office, how much light comes into the office, and how you like to decorate. Here are four common office colors and a look at when each one works well.

1. Crisp White

White may sound boring for an office, but if you have some decorations that you really want to pop, white truly can be the best choice. It makes for a very clean, pristine look, which may be nice if you are in a very serious industry like accounting or banking. Look for a white with a bright, almost blue undertone since this does not have a tendency to get mucky and murky-looking like yellow-toned whites can.

2. Sage Green

Green has the ability to make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. If everyone in your office tends to be tense, or if you work in an industry that tends to bring about a lot of worries, green may be a good choice to combat these feelings. A pale sage green works well since you can decorate with bolder colors on top of it. There are few colors that clash with sage green, so your employees can each decorate their spaces as they wish.

3. Lilac

If you work in a creative industry and need an office color that will stand out without overwhelming the eye, pale lilac is a great choice. It has a soothing dimension to it, and you can add blue, purple, or even black accents to create some depth. Lilac paint also does a good job of adding imperfections in walls, making it a good choice for older buildings.

4. Taupe-Gray

Gray with a taupe undertone works well in an office where you need a really professional look but also need a darker color to hide imperfections in the walls. It looks best if you have a lot of windows to let in natural sunlight. Taupe gray looks nice paired with green and blue accents.

Grab some color swatches, and start thinking seriously about how these colors would look on your walls. Once you have selected your color, contact a commercial painting service.