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Low Gloss And Satin Paint

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Home remodels are definitely one of the best ways to spend your money. That is if you have some cash to invest, putting it into your home is a smart way to make it more functional and expensive at the same time. If you do have some money to invest in a home remodel, where should you begin? In general, it is best to begin with the most basic and essential remodels first. That is, determine what your home needs, and then move forward from there. A new paint job is a great place to start, and it might be the most necessary for your home. Updating the paint in your rooms can basically make them look nice and new, and also improve the aesthetics of everything else in the space.

Choosing the Right Paint

If you are going to pay your interior rooms, is very important that you choose the right type of paint. Different paints not only have different looks, but they also have different maintenance and cleaning requirements. This article focuses on the main differences between satin and low gloss paint.

Low Gloss Paints

When it comes to interior painting, low gloss products are the most popular. They are the cheapest and easiest to work with. Latex and water-based paints are often sold with a variety of different little gloss options, depending on the actual brand that you choose. Ultimately, the brand you choose is less important than the gloss you choose.

First of all, low glass paint usually looks the most natural because it does not shine or reflect light. It looks great on pretty much any of the most common types of interior walls, from drywall to wood.

There are a few drawbacks to low gloss paint. The most significant is the fact that doesn't really seal your surface, and it can get dirty more easily. Low gloss paint can absorb dirt stains and make them more visible. This is one reason that some people prefer satin-based paints in some situations.

Satin Paint

Satin paint has a slight sheen, but it is still subtle. This sheen is very helpful when it comes to protecting your surface. It will be much easier to clean and take care of. First of all, it won't stain as easily. If it does get stained, you can wipe it away with a wet rag. This makes satin paint ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, or child bedrooms.

Obviously, you can have the same color paint, but with satin in one room, and low gloss another. For more information, contact a company like Yu1 Painting Company.