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How To Paint Straight Lines Like A Pro

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Painting the inside of your home is a fun and manageable DIY project. You can make any room look newer, cleaner, and more stylish just by applying a fresh coat of paint. However, painting does require a little bit of practice. If you want your paint job to look truly professional, you need to make sure your lines are clean and straight. This article explains how to get the best straight lines on drywall surfaces.

Tools and Supplies

To get the best lines, you will need some painter's tape, a yardstick, lightweight spackle, a pencil, and latex gloves.

Marking and Taping the Walls

First, you want to use the yardstick to mark on the walls where you want your lines to be. It is faster if you draw out all of the lines at once, before applying the tape. If you trace with a pencil, the new paint should easily cover it up. When you apply the tape, don't put it directly over the pencil line. Instead, place it slightly to the side of the line. This way the paint will definitely cover it. When you place the tape, you want to put it down as firmly as possible. One helpful trick is to wrap a small rag or T-shirt around your finger as you press down on the tape. This helps protect your finger and allows you to push down the tape more firmly.

Adding Spackling Paste

Once all of the tape is applied, you can come back with the spackling paste. Rubbing spackling paste over the tape line will add a further layer of protection against seepage. It will seal the edge of the tape and ensure that the paint does not run underneath it. If you rely solely on the tape, you could end up with a very splotchy finish when you peel it away. This is a problem that is very hard to fix after the fact.

The key to applying the spackle is to use your finger to spread it on as thinly as possible. You don't want to put so much spackle down that it actually alters the texture of the wall. By rubbing a thin amount over the tape line, it will fill in any small gaps or crevices created by the texture of the wall.

The extra steps of using a yard stick and adding sparkling paste will add a little bit of time to your project. But, it is well worth it if you want professional-looking lines. For professional help with painting your home, contact a company like Purser's Professional Painting & Pressure Cleaning.