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Remove Old, Faded Wallpaper From Office Walls And Apply Light-Colored, Washable Paint To Replace It

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Remove old, faded wallpaper from the walls in your office and add a couple coats of light-colored, washable paint to replace the paper by completing the following instructions. The fresh paint will help brighten your office surroundings and can easily be maintained with basic cleaning steps.


  • drop cloths
  • scoring tool
  • concentrated paper remover
  • spray bottle
  • warm water
  • putty knife
  • sponge with abrasive surface
  • all-purpose cleaning agent
  • lint-free cloths
  • painter's tape
  • scissors
  • interior primer
  • mixing stick
  • paint tray
  • paint roller, frame, and handle
  • narrow paintbrush
  • interior paint (washable)

Remove The Paper And Adhesive, Clean The Walls

Remove furniture from the office and cover the flooring next to each wall with a drop cloth. Puncture the edges of the wallpaper with a scoring tool. Move the tool down the length of each wallpaper seam. Add concentrated wallpaper remover and warm water to a spray bottle. Follow the guidelines listed on the bottle of paper remover to determine the appropriate amount of paper remover and water to use. Shake the contents in the bottle and spray an even amount of the mixture to the office's walls.

The paper remover will dissolve the adhesive backing that was used to secure the paper. After several minutes have passed, use a putty knife to loosen the edges of the paper. Grasp the paper by hand and pull it firmly away from each wall. If there are any pieces of paper that are still stuck on the surface of each wall, move a damp sponge with an abrasive surface firmly over them.

Once all traces of paper and adhesive have been eliminated, use an all-purpose cleaning agent and a clean sponge to remove any hardened residue from the walls. Dry the walls with a lint-free cloth afterwards or wait for it to air dry.

Prime, Paint, And Maintain The Walls

Use strips of painter's tape to cover trim on the walls. Mix a can of interior primer until it is an even thickness. Pour the primer into a paint tray. Use a paint roller to apply the primer to each wall, using straight lines. A narrow paintbrush can be used to cover small areas on each wall that weren't sufficiently covered with the paint roller.

After the primer has dried, rinse out the paint tray with water and pour a can of interior paint that is washable into it. Apply an even coat of paint to each wall. Once the paint has dried, deepen the color of each wall by adding a second coat.

When the paint has dried, remove the painter's tape and move the furniture that is normally in your office back into the room. Maintain the freshly painted walls by removing surface stains with a soft cloth that has been dampened with soapy water. Rinse the cleaning solution from the wall with plain water and dry the walls with a clean cloth.

If you aren't comfortable painting your office walls yourself, contact a commercial painting company, such as Absolute Painting.