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How To Paint Clean Lines And Edges

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Painting is a great DIY remodel project because it doesn't require any expensive tools or training. That being said, your paint job is not going to look very good if you don't learn how to properly paint the edges. This is the most technical and time-consuming part of the job, so you want to figure it out and practice before you start. This article explains how to get straight and clean paint lines. There's a simple trick you can use to get cleaner lines and edges. This trick involves rubbing spackling paste over the tape after you apply it.

Applying the Tape as Straight as Possible

First, you want to apply the tape, pushing it down as firmly as possible. You can just follow the existing lines created by the baseboard, crown molding or window fixtures. However, if you are worried about making your lines straight, you can use a yardstick or level to draw a perfectly straight line onto your wall with a pencil. When you apply to tape, leave a small gap between the edge and the pencil line. You want the new paint to cover the pencil line.

One great way to make sure the tape is firmly pressed down is to use a washcloth. This item will allow you to push down firmly, without rubbing your fingertip raw. This method is especially helpful on walls with heavier texture.

Applying the Spackling Paste

Once all the tape is applied, you want to come back with the spackling paste. The key is to wear a latex glove and spread the spackling paste over the tape edge with just your finger. Rub the paste on as quickly as possible. You want to fill in any small gaps underneath the tape. Once all of the paste is applied, you can paint over your lines. This extra step is definitely worth it because the paste will fill in any gaps where paint may have seeped underneath the tape. Then, you can paint over the tape lines with confidence that the paint will not seep underneath.

In the end, this extra step might double the amount of time it takes to tape off your walls. But, if you want your paint job to look professional, it is smart to spend the extra time. With cleaner line and edges, your paint job will impress your friends and neighbors. For more assistance, contact a painting contractor from a company like Terry McGill, Inc.