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Painting Your Ceiling Without The Neck Pain

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If you are going to paint your walls, you should probably repaint your ceilings as well. A fresh new coat of white paint on your ceilings can make your new wall color pop. Some people don't realize just how faded or tinted their ceiling is until they apply a new coat. However, painting your ceiling can be much harder than painting the walls. The hardest part of the job is having to constantly crane your neck upwards while you try to paint. However, if you have the right tools, you can make painting your ceiling faster and less painful. This article explains the best tools and techniques for painting an interior ceiling.

Using A Telescoping Painter's Pole

You should definitely invest in a telescoping painter's pole if you want to make the job easier. Find a pole that can extend from about 4 to 12 feet. This should give you enough range to paint ceilings of any height. Some people think that the best way to paint the ceiling is to get up on the ladder. However, you should try and stay off a ladder as much as possible. If you can keep your feet on the ground and use the pole, you can make the job much easier on your body. When you're up on the ladder, you basically have to look straight up, and this can be very hard on your neck. Also, standing on the steps is hard on your feet. Furthermore, this means that the paint will be dripping directly down on your face and in your hair.

Staying on the Floor

When you use the pole, you don't need to stand directly below the spot that you are painting. This means that dripping paint is not as much of an issue. Also, this allows you to keep your feet on the floor, which is much more comfortable. This will greatly speed up the process and reduce stress on your back. Climbing up and down the ladder, especially while carrying the paint and supplies, can be very tiring. If you thoroughly cover your floor with either painter's plastic or construction paper, you can move around with ease and paint straight, consistent rows. This is very important because it can often be hard to see which part of your ceiling has been painted when you are just painting white over white.

Painting your ceiling is very important if you want a complete and fresh job throughout your home. You can definitely improve the final result if you use a telescoping painters pole. For more tips, contact a company like Above Average Painting & Drywall.